The Founders & Producers

Athziri Headshot

Athziri Morales

Artistic Director

Art Director, Lighting & Costumes Designer

"Expressing your art and ideas can be terrifying, but being in an environment without judgment that allows for mistakes motivates me to grow as an artist. As a founder of MOON Collective, I believe that art stems from voices and peoples' stories, and I want to assist artists and the next generations in finding their creative voices by providing a team and a platform where they feel welcomed and valued. Collaboration between creatives combines an infinite amount of ideas and through that nothing feels impossible, nor terrifying."

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Aliya Headshot

Aliya Kerim

Associate Artistic Director

Producer, Director, Preformer, & Writer

Merle Headshot

Merle DeWitt III

Managing Director

Producer, Lighting, Projections & Media Designer

"Over the course of my theatre career, I have come to realize the I most enjoy the creation of art when the process is truly collaborative. From this idea is where we started MOON Collective. With MOON Collective, every member of the team has a voice at any point in the process."

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Jesus Headshot

Jesús López Vargas

Lead Producer

Producer, Director & Writer

"Every day that I share new theories & ideas with fellow artists - be it doubts, concerns, thrills, anecdotes, excitements, fears - is a day that I become a better version of myself. And who doesn’t seek to become further? Isn’t that the definition of being alive?"

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Brandon Headshot

Brandon Ray Alba

Associate Creative

Choreographer & Dancer

"MOON Collective is an opportunity to work with and learn from others - to cry, to grow, to confront, and to love. Through my experience working with these artists I am humbled to have learned what performance means to me. We are students in this journey together, always, and it’s our job to redefine how to navigate through it."

Dimitri Headshot

Dimitri Soto

Associate Creative

Producer & Music Composer