Brace for Impact

Single & Music Video - January 2022
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Production Team

Video Directed by Athziri Morales
Concept Art by Athziri Morales
Music Composed & Produced by Dimitri Soto
Lead Vocalist & Lyrics by Mandola
Featuring Lyrics & Vocals by Jesús López Vargas
Video Edited by Athziri Morales & MOON Collective
Graphic Art & Animation by Merle DeWitt III
Title & Credits Animation by Jesús López Vargas
Produced by MOON Collective

The music video for Brace For Impact explores the journey of one’s reality breaking and escapism into an alternate dimension. This new realm is filled with colorful visuals that entrance us, losing ourselves and what we know to be true. Up-and-coming rapper Mandola releases his first single, Brace for Impact, experimenting with new beats by Dimitri Soto.