When We Watch

Virtual Multimedia Experience - October 2021
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Who are we when we think no one is looking? When We Watch is an intrusive, supernatural experience that follows interwoven storylines in the privacy of their homes. When you watch, you will glimpse the terror that lies within you. Training videos will be uploaded onto the dark web on the full moon of October 20th.

Production Team

Lead Writers: Herman Gomez, Jesús López Vargas, Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk, Katherine Daniel, Athziri Morales & Angelina Castillo
Additional Writers: Ernest Figueroa, Bianca Chauntelle Taylor & Shelby Caughron
Lead Directors: Shelby Caughron & Jesús López Vargas
Movement Director: Aliya Kerimujiang
Supporting Directors: Herman Gomez, Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk,
Athziri Morales & Armando Acosta
Assistant Director: Kelley Ho
Artistic Direction: Athziri Morales & MOON Collective
Directors of Photography: Jesús López Vargas & Athziri Morales
Video Editors / VFX: Jesús López Vargas
Sound Designers: Jim Lupercio, Ezra Anisman, Athziri Morales & MOON Collective
Blood Technicians: Herman Gomez & Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk
Special Make-Up Artist: Layth Haddad, Shelby Caughron, Jesús López Vargas
& Athziri Morales
Website Graphic Design: Merle DeWitt III, Athziri Morales, Nita Mendoza
& MOON Collective
Website Developer & Technical Director: Merle DeWitt III
Publicity & Marketing Directors: Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk & Athziri Morales
Publicity Consultants: Armando Acosta, Angelina Castillo, Katherine Daniel
& Herman Gomez
Publicity Graphic Artist: Jesús López Vargas
Hospitality: Félix José Colón (California), Armando Acosta (Texas)
& MOON Collective (Massachusetts & Texas)
Craft Services: Félix José Colón (California) & Armando Acosta (Massachusetts)
Production Assistants: Layth Haddad, Armando Acosta & Dimitri Soto
Featuring Music by: Dimitri Soto, Ernie Figueroa, Christine Salama & Pan-Pan Gou
Arabic/English Translation: Nada Nader
Spanish/English Translation: Jesús López Vargas
German/English Translation: Kit Zakrevski

Executive Producers: Merle DeWitt III, Jesús López Vargas, Athziri Morales
& MOON Collective
Creative Producer: Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk & Angelina Castillo

Main Cast

Armando Acosta, Hope Andrejack, Angelina Castillo, Félix José Colón, Katherine Daniel, Joseph Fernandez, Ernie Figueroa, Layth Haddad, Evan Lugo, Bianca Chauntelle Taylor, Marayah Angeliz Vigo & Kezia Waters

Recurring Cast

Mara Carmona, Heather Echeverria, Abel Garcia & Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk

Supporting Cast

Danny Ballester, Nancy Batres, Cariño Batres, Vania Castillo, Pan-Pan Gou, Nova Kurganova, Jesús López Vargas, Randa Magdi, Raymundo Mendoza, Athziri Morales, Nada Nadar, Martyn Morales, Carlos Roque, Ahmed El Sakka, Dimitri Soto & Ya-Chih Tsai