Distance in its Movement

Interactive Dance Film - August 2021
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Production Team

Produced & Directed by MOON Collective
Concept by Jesús López Vargas, inspired by Maximilian Niemann's "An deiner Seite"
Choreographed by Piper Bockstahler & Katie Lingle
Original Music by Dimitri Soto, remixed by Héctor Baltazar Tórres
Credits Music by Dimitri Soto & Christine Marie Salama
Cinematography & Camera Work by Athziri Morales & Jesús López Vargas
Video Editing by Jesús López Vargas & Merle DeWitt III
Coding by Merle DeWitt III
Costume Design by Ayrika Johnson & Cassie DeFile

Executive Producers: Jesús López Vargas, Athziri Morales & MOON Collective

Starring Piper Bockstahler, Katie Lingle & Felix José Colón

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Distance in its Movement is an interactive dance film, in which movement takes form not only within the limitations of a dancer's body. Choreography can be defined as an arrangement or sequence of steps and movements - our project takes this definition, expands it, and challenges all creative elements within it to be composed as a collage in a permanent state of movement, where stillness in a body can exist as movement around it persists. Distance in its Movement also invites its audiences to join in its continuous shaping, actively engaging with the choreography from beginning to end. One gets to decide the final form of these movements and their distance.