Trilogy on Duality, Ep. 1

Trilogy of Short Films

"Trilogy on Duality" is a trilogy of cinematic short films that explore various definitions of the term "duality", each in its own style. We will explore the duality of strangers, the duality of brotherhood, and a broken/betrayed duality.

Duality Broken, Episode 1

Production Team

Script by Jesús López Vargas
Concept by Jesús López Vargas, Evan Lugo & Felix José Colón
Directed by MOON Collective
Movement/Choreography by Evan Lugo
Score & Sound Design by Pan-Pan Gou
Cinematography by Athziri Morales & MOON Collective
Editing by MOON Collective
Starring Felix José Colón, Evan Lugo & the voice of Hope Andrejack
Production Assistants: Merle DeWitt III & Dimitri Soto
Publicity Team: Arielle Singer, Athziri Morales & Jesús López Vargas
Creative Producer: Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk