Symptoma 20

Feature Art Film - October 2020
Now avaible on Prime Video.

Production Team
Prologue & Epilogue Directed by Jesús López Vargas
"Symptoma World" Directed by Jesús López Vargas & Brandon Ray Alba
Art Direction & Design by Athziri Morales & Jesús López Vargas
Story Written by Jesús López Vargas
Choreographed by Brandon Ray Alba
Musical Score: Pan-Pan Gou
Cinematography: Jesús López Vargas
Lead Video Editor: Merle DeWitt III
Assistant Director: Cassandra Soto
Lighting Design: Athziri Morales & Merle DeWitt III
Sound Designer: Jaime Lupercio
Remote Management: Mason Bergenholtz
Production Assistant: Rodolfo Mariscal

Executive Producers: Jesús López Vargas & Merle DeWitt III
Produced by Sergio E. López Briones, Maria del Carmen Vargas Rodriguez, Athziri Morales, Brandon Ray Alba, British Ballet, Literarity Bookshop & MOON | COLLECTIVE

Cast: Aaron Louis Herrera, Valeria Alvarez, Armando Acosta, Jared Berry, Marayah Angeliz, Kaelin Li, Robbie Olmos, Joseph Fernandez, Bianca Chauntelle Taylor & Athziri Morales

" Let’s get this clear
        so you can understand
                so YOU can understand
Because if YOU can not / understand
        then you get angry
                then you get loud
        then you get pissy and snippy and violent!
Yes, you do!
It’s all about YOU.
Isn’t it?                      You.

It’s all about you tonight.    
It’s always been you."
                    - Symptoma 20

Syptoma 20 Trailer

“Symptoma 20” is a video project that explores 9 different lives as they adapt to the strange new world caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Individual and collective struggles that mirror daily challenges of today take an experimental turn in this multiversed world where reality has two definitions.