Zu Sein

Short Film - June 2020

"Wann ich Kunst machen, warum töte ich Teile von mir?"

"I tell stories because it's the only thing I've ever known to do. Is it an addiction of sorts? An action upon which I depend on? Is it that which keeps me strong or that which keeps me tethered and unstable? Why is it that each time I tell a story, it takes a toll on me? A piece of me that gets torn away and played with. Made with. And how do I know which part comes next.... through this ritual of making, doing & sharing?

All I know is that today, another piece of me has died."
- Jesús López Vargas

Concept by Jesús López Vargas
Directed & Edited by Jesús López Vargas
Music Score & Sound Design by Pan-Pan Gou
Starring Erika Clark
Produced by MOON Collective & the Medici Circle

Spanish Version

English Version