In This Light There is Silence

Outdoor Festival | Installation Performance - February 2019


Production Team
Directed by Jesús López Vargas
Animation & Design by Jesús López Vargas & Athziri Morales
Associate Designer: Nita Mendoza
Scored by: Dimitri Soto
Technical Director: Merle DeWitt III
Performers & Improvisational Movers: Daniella Ballester & Brandon Ray
Featuring Music by Ernie Figueroa between performances

Produced by MOON | COLLECTIVE, KB Theatre & UCI Beall Center for the Arts
February 23rd, 7:00pm-10:00pm (6 consecutive, 22min. performances)
Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Plaza (California)

In This Light There is Silence was an outdoors installation performance.
A physical & conceptual space tangibly confined by both shadow & light, a space known as fear.

The performance was made up of different elements that shared the same space & interacted
with each other synchronously in front of an audience. Our message, design, musicality & poetry were created
in the span of 2 months prior to the event, yet the performances themselves consisted of free creative instinct and
improvisational movement between the two performers, as they each owned different understandings yet the same confinements.

Digital animations shifted throughout the night on the "upstage wall" accompanied by music, together they dictated the mood of each moment.
The performer known as "RED" had the freedom to enter and exit the performance space only through two openings on the "upstage wall".
The individual known as "---", without sharing their goal, sought to understand why they found themselves
stuck in this space, stuck in this state of mind, paralyzed by fears unknown.

The end of each performance concluded with a realization, "---" now able to exit this space.