Mary's Wedding

Straight Play - May 2018

"I thought that it was us. I thought it was us, the wind
and the sky, faster and louder than the hooves."

- Mary's Wedding by Stephen Massicotte

Production Team
Written by Stephen Massicotte
Directed by Stephanie Carrillo
Assistant Director & Movement Coach: Ray Alba
Stage Manager: Cassandra Soto
Lighting & Sound Designer: Athziri Morales
Costume Design: K.B. Theatre
Production Assistant: Ethan Barrera
Production Manager: Jesús López Vargas

Cast: Katie Daniel & Jared Berry

Executive Producers: Stephanie Carrillo, Jesús López Vargas & Merle DeWitt III
Produced by: K.B. Theater Company, MOON Collective, thChurch & Gabe Fernandez

May 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th & 27th | 7:30pm - (2018)
thChrch, El Paso, TX

"On the night before her wedding, Mary dreams of a thunderstorm, during which she unexpectedly meets Charlie sheltering in a barn beside his horse. With innocence and humour, the two discover a charming first love. But the year is 1914, and the world is collapsing into a brutal war. Together, they attempt to hide their love, galloping through the fields for a place and time where the tumultuous uncertainties of battle can’t find them. A play with a heart as big as the skies that serve as its stage, Mary’s Wedding is an epic, unforgettable story of love, hope, and survival."
- Stephen Massicotte (Playwright)

"That is poetry, Mary, not real life."

“This process has had to involve so much love & trust. Sometimes when I’m just explaining what their characters are internally feeling at some points, the actors break down crying because it takes them back to a time when they strongly had that emotion. It’s powerful.”
- Stephanie Carrillo (Director)

"So, tomorrow is Mary's wedding, tonight is just a dream. I ask you to remember that. It begins at the end and ends at the beginning. There are sad parts.

Don't let that stop you from dreaming it too."

- Mary's Wedding by Stephen Massicotte