Immersive Performance Art in Verse - April 2018

Production Team
Written & Directed by Jesús López Vargas
Original Score by Lexy Amador & Hector Torres
Choreographed by Theo Hernandez (formerly known as Skye Taylor),
          Jon Rodriguez & Christopher Delgado
Preshow Artists: FAWNZ Dance Company
Production Manager: Athziri Morales
Stage Manager: Cassandra Soto
Assistant Director: Ethan Barrera
Lighting Designer: Nita Mendoza
Sound Designer: Lexy Amador
Projections Designer: Merle DeWitt III
Set Designer: Constanza Romero
Properties Designer: Olivia Fuentes
Costume Designer: Sofia Perez Lopez
Dramaturgy & Web Design: Herman Gomez
Publicity Art by Jesús López Vargas

Produced by MOON | COLLECTIVE, K.B. Theatre Company & UTEP Playmakers
April 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th | 6:30pm & 8:30pm
UTEP Basement Theater (Texas)

Bianca Taylor, Angelina Castillo, Mando Acosta, Katie Daniel, Romanti Mata, Cynthia Alvarez, Logan Martin, Alexis Medina, Luis Arias, Ana Miramontes, Gabriel Kull, Lauren Wagner, Theo Hernandez (formerly known as Skye Taylor), Chris Delgado & John Rodriguez

"/Echo simultaneously unfolds over three decades and one long night. Told in a series of vignettes, the show inspects the universal experiences of loneliness and human connection in intimate detail. Souls meet, fall in love, and betray one another in sporadic, reoccurring fashion over 37 years – suggesting a deeper connection between all humanity that has been abused, ruptured, and repaired. It dares to ask us what is love, what is pain, and what is time while challenging the social constructs of gender, race, and relationships. As performance poetry, the lyrical movement of the show ebbs and wanes like an erratic ocean concurrently beautiful, haunting, and dangerous."
- Herman Gomez, Dramaturg

"Conceived as a performance art piece that morphed into a 70min. theatrical production, / Echo deals with the various definitions of love -- in all of its shapes & forms. This piece incorporates movement, music, spectacle, and lyrical narrative to communicate to its audience. Its main goal is to provide a unique and immersing experience for its audiences that will challenge their perceptions of what it really means to feel alone in a world in which it is impossible to escape human contact. A world in which time & its shadows, haunt us. Loss, social injustice, clinical anxiety, racism, romance & taboo are only some of the conversations /Echo brings to life in this intimate stage. Meaning, understanding, and aesthetic will be put into experimentation as the audience embarks in a journey full of universal stories lived from midnight, until dawn."
- Jesús López Vargas, Director