Performance Poetry - April 2017

Poetic Material from "I See Red"
Directed by Jesús López Vargas
Production Design by Merle DeWitt III
Production Assisted by Stephanie Carrillo

Produced by MOON|Collective
APRIL 7th, 2017 | 6PM
UTEP Basement Theatre, El Paso, TX

Red Poster

"Profanity was never my intention

I believe in God
I love my God
But I have been told
that I'll never be loved
in return

How am I to cope?
I cry too, you know?

I pray

I do

So why can't He love me
As much as He loves you?"

- I See Red

Stephanie Carrillo
Nancy Batres
Tony Romero
Katie Scarlett
Gabriel Kull
Lauren Wagner
Bianca Taylor
Raul Chavez
Nancy Batres
Cynthia Alvarez
LLuvia Lopez

The book I See Red is a collection of both biographical moments & fictional moments. Both types of moments equally as real. When poetry is published, bound to its ink & sheets of paper, it is left at the sake of the reader - it no longer becomes the words of the poet alone, it becomes a collaboration between what was intended by the writer and what is interpreted by the reader. When poetry is performed, the words take shape in the mouths and the bodies of each performer. The poem becomes them. And it is not until then, that an audience member perceives - perhaps not just a poem, but a fellow individual. And thus the poem, now with delicate skin & brittle bone, becomes real. Performed poetry is no longer a collaboration between two, but a collaboration between all who are present in a room. The words are not longer to be read, they are to become.