When We Watch

To be released in October 2021

WWW is an innovative & multimedia digital exploration on the different facets of human nature; voyeuristically following three separate storylines throughout the world, our project will present to audiences puzzle pieces - instances of the rawest moments of human nature - which when arranged & concluded will find an answer to the following question: What are you willing to do in the face of trauma?

Production Team
Lead Writers: Herman Gomez, Jesús López Vargas, Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk & Katherine Daniel
Additional Writers: Athziri Morales, Angelina Castillo, Ernest Figueroa & Bianca Taylor
Lead Directors: Shelby Caughron, Herman Gomez, Jesús López Vargas, Katherine Daniel & Aliya Kerimujiang
Assistant Director: Kelley Ho
Cinematography & Artistic Direction: Jesús López Vargas & Athziri Morales
Sound Designers: Jim Lupercio & Ezra Anisman
Blood Technicians: Herman Gomez & Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk
Website Graphic Design: Nita Mendoza
Website Developer & Technical Director: Merle DeWitt III

Main Cast
Armando Acosta, Hope Andrejack, Angelina Castillo, Félix José Colón, Katherine Daniel, Joseph Fernandez, Ernie Figueroa, Layth Haddad, Evan Lugo, Bianca Chauntelle Taylor, Marayah Angeliz Vigo & Kezia Waters

Supporting Cast
Danny Ballester, Nancy Batres, Mara Carmona, Heather Echeverria, Abel Garcia, Pan-Pan Gou, Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk, Nova Kurganova, Jesús López Vargas, Randa Magdi, Raymundo Mendoza, Athziri Morales, Nada Nadar, Martyn Morales, Ahmed El Sakka, Dimitri Soto & Ya-Chih Tsai

Executive Producers: Jesús López Vargas, Athziri Morales & MOON Collective
Creative Producer: Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk
Producer: Merle DeWitt III