Distance in its Movement

To be released in August 2021

"Distance in its Movement" is an exploration of the adaptability of movement performance to its environment, in which two performers' intentions and vocabulary changes depending on their landscape. Inspired by nature and presented as an art short-film, "Distance in its Movement" will highlight the ability for our bodies to share stories.

Production Team

Music Composition by Dimitri Soto
Lyrics by Jesús López Vargas & Christine Marie Salama
Vocals by Christine Marie Salama
Directed by Jesús López Vargas & Piper Bockstahler
Choreography & Dance Performance by Piper Bockstahler & Katherine Lingle
Cinematography & Videography by Jesús López Vargas & Athziri Morales
Costume Design by Ayrika Johnson & Cassie Defile
Coding by Merle DeWitt III